IT Security

Together with an IT service provider, we are also able to support you in the area of IT security by training your employees, identifying risk factors of your company's IT system in a protection needs assessment and helping to find optimal solutions. You can thus define data protection and IT security as a uniform goal and save time and costs through a coordinated process. This will be carried out by IT security experts who are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

Training Measures
The threat of advanced malware cannot be completely reduced by technical measures. Most attacks on companies actually occur "from within", that is from within the company's network. The best way to counter this still increasing threat is to train your staff to recognise and defend against such attacks. Would you like to combine data protection training with IT security training? Feel free to contact us.

We provide IT security checks with different service modules at fixed prices. The objective of the checks is to uncover misconfigurations and weaknesses in your company's IT system, and to offer fixing solutions. In particular, the services modules include penetration tests of the external and internal networks including your Wi-Fi infrastructure, a review of your IT system’s physical security and your protection against social engineering. Weaknesses found are analysed in detail and documented in order to derive measures for improvement.
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