External Data Protection Officer, GDPR Art. 37

Almost every company processes personal data and is therefore obliged to comply with the regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

More Security Thanks to Individual Advice
Appoint our data protection experts as your external Data Protection Officer and relax: with our full-service approach, we take on all statutory tasks of Art. 39 GDPR and cover the entire topic of data protection for you. We prepare your data protection documentation including the required data protection notices (website, customers, employees, business partners, etc.). We are competent contact persons to you, your employees, data subjects and the supervisory authorities. Nationwide and at a fair monthly flat rate, we offer you as much data protection as required with as little effort as possible. We offer you efficient data protection Nationwide and at a fair monthly flat rate, without you having to take much trouble.

Statutory Designation?
As you must comply with the data protection regulations in any case, your appointing an external Data Protection Officer might make sense even if your company is not subject to the legal obligation to do so. Our external data protection officer will guide you through the jungle of paragraphs in a legally secure manner.

Thanks to our various qualifications and certifications - including lawyer, specialist lawyer for information technology law, TÜV certification - and many years of experience in the field of data protection, we offer you pragmatic and practical solutions.
Please feel free to call us at +49 40 30 100 70 or send an email to  info@beckservice.gmbh for further information. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.