EU Representative, GDPR Art. 27

The GDPR has a very wide scope of application. Companies operating within the EU will often be subject to the GDPR even if they do not have a branch in the EU. The GDPR already applies when a non-EU company offers goods or services to data subjects in the EU or monitors the behaviour of data subjects in the EU (Art. 3(2) GDPR). Who is obliged to appoint a representative under the GDPR?
Any company
> without a branch in the EU
> that offers goods or services (including doing so free of charge) to persons in the EU, or monitors their behaviour
is obliged under Art. 27 GDPR to appoint an EU representative, regardless of whether the company acts as controllers or processors within the meaning of the GDPR.

So, the threshold is very low: Anyone offering services to EU data subjects via a website (e.g. because goods or services are delivered to the EU, or EU currency is accepted, or EU languages are used) triggers the obligation to appoint an EU representative. The same applies to any kind of tracking of EU data subjects, e.g. via cookies.

Our services
We offer you the designation of the GmbH as EU representative of your company for a monthly flat rate starting at 100 EUR plus VAT. Our services cover all legal requirements of Art. 27 GDPR including personal support, and a hotline for data subjects and enquiries from supervisory authorities. If required, we will support you in creating the necessary data protection documentation.
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